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Best Workout Gear For Your Body Shape


Whether you are going for a hike, bike ride, or going for a workout, you can always look good. But you need to make sure you are wearing the right clothing for your body type. Sometimes that may mean that you don’t like the style quite as much as other styles, but wearing the right clothes will make you look amazing no matter your body shape. So let’s get straight into it, what should I wear for my body shape?

Rectangle Shape Bodies

For those with a rectangle shape body (hips similar size to the waist and upper body), avoid wearing clothing all the same color. This will further exacerbate the shape of your body. Try wearing a sports bra with a little padding to highlight the assets and wear pants or shorts with stripes along the side.

Pear Shaped Bodies

If you’re in the pear shaped category, it may be a good idea to wear bright colors up top and have darker or black pants while working out. What this does is draw attention away from your thighs and to more flattering parts of your body. And when buying workout pants, try and avoid pants with strips down the sides as they may make your thighs seem fuller then they actually are.

Apple Shaped Bodies

For those people with apple shaped bodies or a bit of a belly, try a top which is tight at the top and ties at the waist. This allows the middle section to be a little looser around the tummy. This will help conceal your tummy and define your waist making you look slimmer and look great.

Hourglass Shaped Bodies

You need to be a little careful if you have an hourglass body. If you wear lose clothing it will probably make you look larger than you actually are. So when working out, try wearing tight fitting clothes with a scoop neck or v neck collar, unless you have a very large bust, don’t go for anything too low cut as it may cause issues for your when working out. For pants/shorts, you can pretty much go for anything so wear something you like.