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Beginners Guide To The Great Outdoors

Being Outside Too Much Has Its Drawbacks


Ok so you have spent years in the great outdoors enjoying the sun and beautiful nature, but you may have noticed some setbacks. Not many, but a couple of unpleasant ones. While our bodies need the sun for vitamin D and other great benefits, too much sun can cause damage to our skin and health. There are also some other dangers of the great outdoors as you will see below. BUT, none of these mean you shouldn’t go outside and play. Just be mindful and come prepared for your conditions so you can enjoy the outdoors without harming yourself. So what are some of the dangers?

Animal Encounter

While many of us love seeing wildlife on our hikes / bike rides, there are some animals that can be quite dangerous to us unless we are in a very large group. The obvious one is bears, especially grizzly bears as they are larger and more dangerous than black bears. But did you know that moose can also be very dangerous? Especially when their young are around, like bears, you want to keep a far distance from them. Basically as far as you can! Depending on who you ask, keep at least 1-2 football fields distance at all times. But I say why not be safe and keep a further distance then that. Also, other animals to keep an eye out for are cougars, snakes, and spiders. Some tips are, carry bear spray, an air horn (this can often scare animals away before they get too close), a first aid kit, and try to travel in larger groups (at least 4 people).

Skin Cancer

As far as I am aware, skin cancer is not caused by getting some sun. It is caused by getting sun burnt over and again. So be really mindful not to get burnt. Plan your activity and prepare your gear accordingly so you don’t get stuck out in the sun without anything to cover your skin or sunscreen. Better to carry too much and not need it then carry not enough and suffer for it, that’s what I always say.

Skin Damage

Let’s face it, when we are outside for long periods of time we get sun burnt. So many of us use sun screen. But there are many nasty chemicals in sunscreen and I know that I don’t like using it frequently. I would rather cover up then wear sunscreen. So what I do is alternate between covering up and exposing my skin to the sun for its vitamins. Do what’s best for you. But what if you have already suffered from skin damage and wrinkles? Well there are many different things that can be done to treat this such as surgery, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, skin creams, and natural remedies. Check out some options that are best for you.