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Beginners Guide To The Great Outdoors

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Some Of The Benefits Of The Great Outdoors


There are so many benefits of getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. I think that each and every one of us can enjoy ourselves out there and also enjoy the following health benefits. Below we go though only a select few health benefits, there are many many more.

Fresh Air

Most of us live in large cities where air quality is not as high as it should be. We really need to be getting out of the city at least once a week for a few hours but would be better more often. This way we get the fresh air we need.

Exercise / Lose Weight

Getting outdoors is a great way to do some extra exercise. Going for hikes for example is great for our health and fitness and can also help us lose weight. And best of all, it is fun while we are doing great things for our health.


One of the best things about getting to the great outdoors is that it is fun. There are so many things to do outside some of which include, hiking, biking, snowboarding, camping, and fishing. There really is something for everyone. You can find new hobbies or continue to get better at the ones you already like.

Positive Effects On The Mind

Getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors will also have positive effects on the mind. It would actually reduce stress and anxiety for most people, and let’s face it, we could reduce our stress and anxiety.

Being Social

Try going outside and enjoy the outdoors with some friends. It’s a great way to catch up with your friends. Or if you want to try a new sport or hobby and don’t know anyone who does it, try looking online for a club in that activity such as a hiking club. This way you will meet many new people and enjoy yourself even more.

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5 Great Homemade Snacks For Your Outdoor Adventures


So before we head outdoors on our adventures, we need to make sure that we are prepared for what we are about to do. In most instances where we will be out for a few hours, we will need snacks to keep us going or in case of an emergency.

There are far better options for you than going to your local store and buying unhealthy snacks. After reading this post, you will be well prepared, at least in the food department. Make sure you also have the right equipment for whatever you are doing out there.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are our favourite snack to bring with us on the trails whether we are hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing. They are great for any sport of activity outside. If you haven’t yet made your own protein bars at home, I would strongly recommend trying them asap. They are far healthier then store bought, and have much healthier ingredients. If you are looking for a protein bar recipe, there are recipes online and also in the sources section of this post.

Energy Chews

Not many people think that they would be able to make their own energy chews, so they buy them in store. Making your own energy chews is far easier than you think and often you only need a few ingredients. And best of all, they taste great.

Kale Chips

I never even though of kale chips until a few months ago when I first bought them in a store. Since then I found out that they are super easy to make your own. So that’s what I do now. Click the link below in sources for the recipe.

Trail Mix

This is a classic and is available in most supermarkets. Many people eat trail mix but not many people make their own. Next time you buy trail mix, pick and choose the best and worst parts of the packet and then make your own supreme mix with only the things you love in the portions you like. Easy!


Not really a homemade snack, but fruit is great to bring with you when you’re out doing something for the day. Fruit is loaded with natural sugars, energy, they are convenient, and best of all, fruit taste great.

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